Who is Responsible for the Current Catastrophe?

Author: Jonathan Pollard

During wartime it’s critical for the media of a democracy to clearly identify those members of the government and military who were responsible- either directly or indirectly, for a disaster that occurred. This is important because these individuals and organizations must be held accountable and either punished or removed from their office or command, lest they continue to repeat their mistakes. There is also the notion that those who have created a disaster can’t be trusted to fix it. Unfortunately, within the Israeli media this idea of holding people accountable is either not honored or very selectively applied.
In the essay below, at least 2 media organizations- the Jerusalem Post and Israel HaYom had problems with my having been “too harsh” on the Palestinian residents of Gaza. You know, the ones that followed in the wake of their drugged crazed Jihadis to pillage, rape and dismember our citizens. One outlet, Arutz 7, accused me of having violated their “red lines” for calling out those who I accused of having been responsible for October 7. You can find my offending words in the 5th paragraph below. If Ha’Aretz had told this to me, I would have understood where they were coming from. But Arutz 7? What’s going on here?
If Arutz 7 insists on maintaining red lines that protect those who should be held accountable for permitting the atrocities of October 7, then I don’t want anything more to do with them. They have lost my trust and respect. They are, unfortunately, just another part of the systemic problem that we are all suffering from.
Here is my piece. Feel free to do whatever you want with it. Just be sure to indicate that it was “too harsh” for Arutz 7 to publish.

“Although many Israelis would desperately like to believe that the Biden Administration’s demonstration of support for Israel is motivated by a sincere desire to aid an endangered sister democracy, it has become painfully evident that Washington’s offer of assistance is, in fact, a poisoned chalice.

Starting with the fact that during a 7 hour meeting with our war cabinet, Secretary of State Blinken conditioned American resupply of military aid on our allowing an unmonitored humanitarian aid corridor to be established for displaced Gazans. Why the US has demonstrated such an unjustified, almost obsessive concern for Hamas’ civilian auxiliaries, after our Minister of Energy and Water, Israel Katz, correctly cut off the Strip’s water and electricity in order to exert maximum pressure on Hamas to release our hostages, is something that no ally should have done, especially in the middle of a war. I certainly don’t recall the US expressing such concern for Iraqi civilians, an estimated 500,000 of whom reportedly died during both of its campaigns against Saddam Hussein.

This kind of selective compassion for the so-called “innocent” Palestinians of Gaza, clearly suggests an ulterior American agenda, which has finally come into focus over the past few days. This US plan apparently consists of a desire to ultimately reinstate the Palestinian Authority in Gaza-presumably after our ground operation has concluded, and to bring about the long discredited two state solution at whatever cost to Israel. This latter objective is incorrectly believed by the Biden Administration to be the key to resolving the Arab-Israeli dispute, despite the fact that the ground breaking Abraham Accords were successfully concluded without any Palestinian involvement whatsoever.

If Washington’s willingness to satisfy the PA’s need for statehood were not so dangerous and criminally naive, it would be a sick joke. After all, this is the same PA that was run out of Gaza due to its incompetence and corruption by Hamas. More to the point, it’s the same brutal thugocracy that just recently announced its intention to provide pensions to the relatives of those Hamas “martyrs” who were recently eliminated by the IDF. And let’s remember that these were the same ISIS wannabes who excelled in decapitating our babies, burning alive our elderly and raping our women. And yet, despite the PA’s effusive praise of these barbarians, and its own continuing campaign of violent incitement against Israel, our clueless overlords in Washington still feel it would be appropriate for them to reap the benefits of our soldiers’ successful urban warfare campaign against Hamas. Then there is the PA’s infamous “pay for slay” policy which the PA’s President for Life, Mahmoud Abbas, has categorically refused to terminate. Incredibly, the Biden Administration has never even tried to stop this policy, even though they are legally obliged to cut off financial assistance to the PA until this murderous program is terminated. So, I guess it’s safe to say that we could expect to see this same “pay for slay” policy established in a PA run Gaza, perhaps euphemistically described as a form of welfare subsidy. I’m sure the Biden Administration would have no problem accepting this since they seem to feel that it’s an acceptable response to Israel’s perceived oppression of the Palestinians. This may sound harsh, but what other explanation could there be to explain why the Biden Administration has refused to stop a PA policy that basically amounts to a paid incentive to murder Jews.

That so many former Israeli diplomats, generals and security officials have enthusiastically endorsed this potentially catastrophic American agenda, should come as no surprise. After all, these are the same people who brought us October 7. And now they want to somehow atone for their criminal incompetence by repackaging their failed policies as necessary concessions to our imperial savior. In a normal country members of such discredited organizations as the Commanders for Israel’s Security would either be shunned or forced into exile, rather than given platforms by our media to rehabilitate themselves as American apologists. Indeed, whenever you hear them pontificating on the TV talk shows about how their eyes have now been opened by the events of October 7, just remember that these are the very same “experts” who are directly responsible for the slaughter of our people. They should just go retire and let the real professionals manage the war. We really don’t need any more of their misguided, defeatist “advice”.

What is truly insufferable, though, is the American recruitment of the anti judicial reform movement to support their pro-Palestinian agenda. Groups such as Kaplan Force, in particular, which did so much to undermine the credibility of the IDF before Hamas’ invasion of the south, has now reportedly offered their enviable organizational skills and robust foreign financial support to assist the US in furthering its pro-Palestinian agenda. Accordingly, various far left organizations will soon be openly advocating for a PA successor state in Gaza and a Judenfrei Palestinian terror state in our biblical heartland. While most rational people would be shocked by the anti judicial reform movement’s shameful turn from promoting “democracy” to advocating what amounts to borderline treason, it’s actually par for the course when it comes to the Left. That these subversive groups are now attempting to mask their activities behind their staged support for our hostages’ families, just makes their disloyal behavior all the more disgraceful. Unfortunately, this American sponsored subversion will only increase during our ground invasion of Gaza, when our brave soldiers will need to know that they are not, in fact, fighting for Mahmoud Abbas, but for the Jewish People.

In contrast to these American directed subversive organizations, as well as our current Minister of Defense, who is also in favor of retreating from the Strip once the war is over, there is a growing patriotic grass roots movement fighting to insure that Gaza will be annexed by Israel, and repopulated with our fellow countrymen. Apart from redressing the wrong done to the loyal citizens of Gush Katif back during the Disengagement, complete Israeli control of the Strip will at long last bring a much needed measure of security and prosperity to our hard pressed Gaza envelope communities. With the IDF’s liberation of our frontier towns and villages that had been ravaged by Hamas and their “innocent” civilian supporters, we can now rebuilt them bigger and better than they were before. And, perhaps equally important, large amounts of investment could be attracted to an area free of terrorist rocket fire and drug crazed zombie death squads. But for all this to happen, we must occupy Gaza from one end to the other and ensure the removal of its Palestinian residents.

As for Gaza itself, with complete Israeli control of the entire Strip, the Gush Katif communities that were brutally ripped from their homes and businesses by a politically corrupt Israeli government can be brought back to life. Apart from reestablishing local hothouse agriculture, which was the envy of the world at one time, employment opportunities could also be provided by the establishment of a large 1 GW solar farm. More than anything else, though, annexing Gaza would show our would be enemies that if they insist on fighting us, not only will they be decisively defeated, but they will also lose their land. That, perhaps more than anything else, will do more to reestablish our military credibility than would a $10 billion subsidy for the American military industrial complex.

Lastly, as for the enemy residents of Gaza, perhaps it might be helpful to remember what happened to many of the treasonous ethnic Germans after the Second World War who lived in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Rumania. Virtually all of them were expelled without a second thought by their host governments, which saw them, quite rightly, as a 5th Column that had to be permanently removed. Likewise, the “innocent” pro-Hamas Palestinians currently residing in Gaza, are collectively one of the most dangerous threats imaginable, for they are infected with a fanatical strain of anti Semitism that is so virulent that their Nazi role models would envy it. Indeed, they’ve been so thoroughly indoctrinated with hate and a total indifference to morality that they’re basically lost to humanity. This is why I consider them to be utterly unworthy of any compassion or pity. If anything, after I saw what these homicidal beasts did to our men, women, and children in the south, they’re lucky we’re prepared to let them live.
And live they will in the Arabic speaking world, regardless as to the wishes of the Arab League and the UN, that prefer to keep them as impoverished “refugees”, so as to use them as weapons against Israel. This practice simply has to end- now!
And if their co-religionists in Egypt, and Jordan won’t take them in, there is always Scotland and Ireland. They all deserve one another.”

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