When to Say the Bracha when Putting on Tefillin

If I put on tefillin more than once on a given day should I say the brachot on them each time?
The Talmud Yerushalmi says that one should say the brachot on only the first time one puts on tefillin during a given day. The logic behind this is that tefillin is a mitzvah incumbent upon a Jewish adult male during the entire day, dependent upon the circumstances. Therefore, when one makes the brachot for the first time, they apply towards the entire day.
It is true that the Talmud Bavli indicates that one should make the brachot on tefillin each time one puts on tefillin during the course of the day. This indeed is also a legitimate approach.
9th of Nisan, 5769 Friday, 03 April 2009
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