Spilling drops of wine from one’s cup during the seder

Spilling Drops of Wine From One’s Cup During the Seder





Kvod HaRav,

I am aware of some, but very likely not all, of the reasons for the minhag of spilling drops of wine from one’s cup during the seder. This minhag seems a new convention and I would like to know your opinion on the matter if time permits.




  1. Some attempt to provide some Qabalistic reason for it which I do not and do not care to recall.
  2. I am not certain how new a convention it is. Hazal do not mention such a thing.
  3. I am certain that it is not rooted in any true m’sora (tradition), that it is without basis or meaning, and therefore undeserving of our attention.


Have a meaningful Pesah

Rabbi David Bar-Hayim

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