Using the 7 Commandments of Bnei Noah to Protect Israel and to Establish Peace

By A Student of R. Bar Hayim

In its essence, the conflict in the Land of Israel is not a struggle between two nationalist movements but is the epicenter of a worldwide war between the Tora of Israel and its fiercest competitors, Islam and Christianity. The resolution of this war–for the good–can only occur when the nations of the world abandon these two rival monotheisms in favor of our Tora.
There will be no true peace for Israel otherwise, because both Christianity and Islam are premised on the abrogation of the Covenant and replacement of us by them. What everyone calls a territorial conflict in the Land of Israel is really a religious war for the whole planet; we can only lose if we refrain from identifying the matter at stake and instead continue to present our case, for example, in terms of how unfair it is that there are 22 Arab countries yet they begrudge us one. Bringing to light the Seven Commandments and the code based upon them will not simply affect individual gentile truth-seekers—it will confound our enemies and allow us to bring back the estranged members of Israel.
Failing to identify the context of the ongoing violence as a religious war has meant (a) failing to provide our people with either a realistic explanation of what it will take to end the war or to provide a cause in which the people can believe and continue to fight for, and (b) thereby giving the initiative to our enemies and ensuring that we will always fight on the defensive.
The focus of a campaign to forestall our destruction requires reaching as much of ‘Am Israel as is possible. That does not mean reaching the small minority of people who identify themselves as nationalist or “right-wing.” It means reaching the majority of our people who are totally disconnected from the concerns of the Nation, who think of themselves in essentially gentile terms, who give their strength to gentile-oriented projects and struggle to improve gentile value systems, and think of the destiny of Israel, if at all, at best as a joke and at worst as intolerant racism and superstition. These people will not be moved by proclamations that the residents of the Holy Land are in danger–because these people either just don’t care or believe that the Israelis have brought it upon themselves by being mean to the Palestinians. They are also unwilling to accept that they themselves are in personal danger. (America’s different, you see.) In order to reach them on a mass scale it will be necessary to present them with a completely alternative model for understanding existence and human history. Such a model should entail:
Defining the conflict as a religious war. This step is necessary to counter the dominant model of “ethnic conflict” which leads our people (a) to believe that the struggle is comparable to other “ethnic conflicts,”(b) to think of it as unrelated to other societal problems, and (c) to believe that if we would just compromise then so would the Other Side.
In this religious war there can be no compromise since it is our continued existence that implicitly challenges the validity of Christianity while the assertion of political sovereignty in the form of a “State of Israel” implicitly challenges the validity of Islam. According to the first, we are damned to obsolescence for rejecting JC while according to the second, when Mohammed replaced Moshe Rabbeinu we were relegated to dhimma status. By establishing an independent sovereignty in the midst of the realm of Islam, we have attacked the legitimacy of Islam itself, everywhere. At the same time, while our conflict with Christianity is less acute, as long as we do not provide an alternative to that “religion,” it will continue to be the default value system for a billion people. When they seek meaning and ritual, they will most likely find them in that idolatrous value system with its essential message that we have thwarted humanity’s salvation.
Explaining that the Land of Israel is ours, not because the United Nations said we could share it with a State of Palestine, but because it was given to Avraham and his descendants through Isshaq. Our sovereignty there is not, therefore, conditioned on the approval of the nations. Furthermore, the occupation of the Land of Israel by Arabic-speaking gentiles under color of the Islamic conquest has no bearing on true ownership of the Land. From the perspective of the Tora of Israel as the authentic revelation for all of humanity, Islam is an impostor which confers no authority.
Eliminating the idea that there are equally valid claims to the Land. The point stated above at (2) is important for redeeming those of our people who repeat the widely promoted proposition that there are two competing, equally valid claims to the Land of Israel. Since neither Islam nor Xtianity are valid spiritual paths, but instead are attempts to displace the Tora (in the form of the Noahide Code, based on the Seven Commandments) as the universal spiritual code, the Islamic-Christtian occupation of the Holy Land is entirely illegitimate. Were the gentiles in Question to renounce Islam and Christianity and submit themselves to the authority of the Tora of Israel, we would have Peace Now and a New Middle East. To the extent that they are not willing to do so, there is no room for compromise. According to the foregoing, the current attempt to establish a foreign sovereignty in Land of Israel is invalid and must be stopped for the good of humanity.
Identifying the destiny of Israel as world peace under the G-d of Israel, and the Noahide Code based on the Seven Commandments as the instrument. The destiny of Israel, the meaning and purpose, is to establish the kingship of HaShem in this world. The destiny of Israel is thus not limited to a small territory on the east side of the Mediterranean, but rather the Tora of Israel enjoys worldwide jurisdiction. The majority of our people harbor vague sentiments of universal brotherhood and tolerance, which they suppose can be accomplished through some kind of egalitarian program. This model is a perversion of the universal peace and morality which will result through implementation of the Seven Commandments. The Seven Commandments serve to explain that Xtianity and Islam are unnecessary and provide the terms on which the nations of the world may live in peace with each other and with Israel.
It is possible to implement this program, and thereby launch a counteroffensive, from anywhere in the world. This paper proposes applying the Seven Commandments to the war in the Land of Israel, yet this program applies in all locales just as well to fighting missionaries and cults, and in combating assimilation and intermarriage.