The Kitniyot Revolution In the News

Since the Beth Din of Machon Shilo published its psak halacha in 2007 explaining why all Jews may eat kitniyotlegumes on Passover there has been growing momentum year after year, with increasing numbers of Jews both asking Questions about this mistaken custom as well as choosing to cease observing it.
This year in particular we have seen a tremendous wave of activity in the social media and internet in general. More and more Jews are listening to the message of Machon Shilo’s Rabbi David Bar-Hayim.
The following are a number of links to pieces which mention the “Great Kitniyot Rebellion”, amongst them pieces by rabbis who rise to defend the kitniyot minhag. It is clear that they are speaking out because Machon Shilo has succeeded in raisng Jews’ consciousness regarding this issue and rabbis who support the custom are being put on the defensive.
Passover is nearly upon us and therefore Rabbi Bar-Hayim can not publicly address all of the attempts to rebut his arguments against the kitniyot custom. But, he has every intention of addressing all of the issues which have been raised after the holiday.
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Having a hard time understanding why people think they need to talk other people out of keeping their customs. If people have Questions they can ask their rabbis. One would think that eating or not eating kitniot for one week is the most important issue facing Judaism. (It is not)
The “scholarship”, the cynicism, and the agenda are all disturbing.
For attitude to customs or stringencies of others see: