Starting New Customs

Isn’t Machon Shilo treading potentially dangerous territory by promoting new minhagimcustoms?

All of my teachings , and those of Beth HaWaadh, are firmly rooted in the authentic teachings of Hazal. With certain systematic exceptions, we generally follow the Halakhic rulings and methodology of Rambam and Gra, to mention but two giants of Torah. All minhaghim began at a certain point in time. In Eretz Yisrael, there is no valid reason to follow the minhaghim of Morocco or Poland. It is not only mutar, but imperative, to develop minhagim for Am Yisrael in its homeland, and what better way than turning to the sources of our forefathers who walked these hills before us, such as the Talmud Yerushalmi?
Be patient. In 100 years, and perhaps much sooner, Selihoth Nusah Polin will be a thing of the past, having been replaced by liturgy written in EY for Jews in EY. We have only begun.
Kol Tuv,
David Bar-Hayim