On the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain-by Daniel Pinner

By Daniel Pinner:

The Chief Rabbi of Britain, Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, responded on his FaceBook page to the brutal murder of Dafna Meir, Hy”d:
“The brutal murder in Otniel of Dafna Meir in her home, in the presence of her children, is to be condemned in the strongest possible terms. She was committed to sanctifying life. She was a dedicated mother to four and foster mother to two. She was a talented nurse in the neurosurgery department of the Soroka Medical Centre in Beersheba and widely known for her kindness. She was an experienced and highly thought of tutor for brides. Yesterday, she was murdered by a terrorist who glorifies death. As she is laid to rest this morning, in these challenging times, may the forces of sanity and goodness prevail over the forces of evil and may her memory be for a blessing.”
That’s it.
My first instinctive response to Rabbi Mirvis’s statement is disbelief. My second instinctive response is revulsion. “The brutal murder…is to be condemned…” – a carefully neutral response, with nary a word as to who and what and which genocidal ideology is guilty.
Not even the slightest hint that an Arab Moslem murdered a Jew in Israel for being a Jew. Not even the remotest suggestion that Dafna Meir Hy”d was deliberately targeted because she was Jewish. No reference to a genocidal Islamic ideology, no reference to a psychopathic Arab nationalism.
Of course not. Rabbi Mirvis, the good Englishman, couldn’t possibly offend anyone by mentioning Islam, could he, eh what?
This response would have been appropriate to an “ordinary” murder, committed by a common burglar in the course of a house-robbery that went wrong.
Not the tiniest suggestion that “these challenging times” are the chronic Arab/Moslem determination to exterminate every last Jew in Israel (come to that, in the rest of the world as well, including in Britain, but that’s another condemnation for another time). Just “challenging” – like, say, stormy weather or high unemployment.
No indication whatsoever which exactly are “the forces of sanity and goodness”, or how exactly they should “prevail”, or who exactly “the forces of evil” are. The “forces of sanity and goodness” – does he mean “moderates”, such as Abass’s murderous thugs of the PLO, who are Israel’s ostensible “partners in peace”? Or just nice flowery people who sing Kumbaya wherever and whenever they happen to be? And how does he want them to “prevail”? – By strumming guitars and singing songs of peace? And who are the “forces of evil”? – Nasty but unnamed people? Unnamed for fear of offending the other, equally unnamed, nice people? Or unnamed for fear of offending other nasty people who nevertheless smile on cue as they also go through the ritual of condemning the nasty people – without, of course, naming them?
Good God – Chief Rabbi Mirvis is as jelly-fish-spined as his predecessor Chief Rabbi Lord Dr Jonathan Sacks ever was, chronically unable to condemn Arab Moslems for murdering Jews, or for calling on Britain to support Israel in her fight for survival against Arab terrorism.
One longs – oh God how one longs – for a British Chief Rabbi with the moral clarity of Rabbi Dr Joseph Hertz z”l, who during the Nazi era had the intellectual and moral courage to call evil, evil, and had no problems stating unequivocally that the way “prevail” over evil is to kill murderers and terrorists.
Having said all this, my third, more cerebral, response to Rabbi Mirvis’s statement is pity. Pity for the Jews of Britain who have such an abysmally amoral leadership, pity for a Jewish community whose Chief Rabbi is such a moral and intellectual coward that he dares not defend Jews from genocidal enemies.