In His Light – B’orkha Nir’e Or

What is the meaning of the phrase “beorcha nireh ohr” (by your light we shall see light)?

The phrase “b’orkha nir’e or” is the second half of a verse which in its entirety reads:
“For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light do we see light”.
The thrust of the second half of this chapter of T’hilim (Chap. 36) is that we, human beings, can only truly achieve Light and Truth through our connection to HASHEM and His Tora.
By Tora I mean the 24 books of the Jewish Bible and the Oral Tradition which has its roots in the teachings of the Prophets, their direct disciples i.e. Hazal (the ‘Sages’ of old) and the authentic masters of our Tradition down to the present day.