Birkoth haShahar

When should I say birkoth hashahar?

Each b’rakha is to be said as one does the relevant action: malbish ‘arumim when one dresses, hama’avir shena when one washes one’s face, etc.
See TB B’rakhoth 60b, Rambam T’phila 7:7, Rosh B’rakhoth 9:23, Tur and SA OH 46.
The impact these b’rakhoth have on a person when each is recited in its own time, as intended by the Hakhamim z’l, is very much greater than when said afterwards; one appreciates HASHEM’s blessings so much more.
Nevertheless, if one did not say the b’rakhoth at the appropriate time, one must still recite them later.
See Sidur Rav Sa’adhya Gaon p.89.