A Letter from A Talmid to Rabbi David Bar-Hayim

Jews are unsatisfied with the Judaism which they encounter. Some are so dissatisfied that they actually abandon their commitment to Tora altogether. Machon Shilo strives for a more intellectually honest and fuller expression of Tora Judaism – a Tora that is in and of itself authentic and true, the Tora as intended by HASHEM for the Jewish nation and for all mankind wherein freedom dwells with righteousness, equality with excellence, wealth with beauty, the here and now with love of the Eternal. A Tora such as this can reach out to the disenchanted. The following letter which was recently sent to HaRav David Bar-Hayim underscores this point:

Shalom HaRav,
I am interested in davening at the minyan. Please inform me what time the minyan starts and any other relevant information.
A little about myself as an introduction. I am originally from ….. I have followed the Rav’s articles and audio recordings since I was a junior in high school.
The Rav’s hashkafa and approach to Halacha has had a tremendously positive influence in my life. The Rav has helped me deal with the serious issues I faced growing up in the Orthodox world and has allowed me to stay connected to Torah Judaism in my moments of doubt. After high school, I studied at Yeshivat Hakotel for two years. I then went to Yeshiva University and studied accounting and economics. A month ago, I made aliyah b”h. I am living in Givat Shmuel and studying at Bar Ilan to complete my degree.
During high school, I was the only one amongst my friends talking about Machon Shilo. I want to inform the Rav that Machon Shilo has spread throughout Yeshiva University. People are posting the Rav’s YouTube clips on their Facebook page. The Rav’s message and ideas speak to people my age and have given many of my peers hope in the future of Torah Judaism.
I truly regret not visiting the Rav during my years at Hakotel. So this year I want to change that.
Shana Tovah,