Kimcha DePischa Through Rabbi David Bar-Hayim, 5784

As Pesach approaches the needs of the needy are greater than ever. War-induced economic woes have affected many of our fellow Jews in a severe manner. Every year before Pesah, HaRav David Bar-Hayim distributes funds, קמחא דפסחא, to families in need. The rabbi will be assisting, among others, Jews who are affiliated with the Torath …

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להקריב איל במקום את הבן

“דף הבית” ב-‘מקור ראשון’ מרינה סוקולהשבוע, עם תום השבעה על בננו שנפל בעזה, עלינו להר הבית כקריאת כיוון לאומיתביום שלישי, מיד עם תום השבעה, עלינו להר הבית. זה המקום שאליו עולים בטוב ובמוטב, פעם להודות ופעם להתנחם. היה כל כך ברור לנו שאנחנו צריכים לעלות עד שאני לא לגמרי מסוגלת להסביר למה. הלכנו שם בכיוון …

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Barukh Dayan HaEmeth

Machon Shilo is devastated to announce that Yisrael Socol, HASHEM yikom et damo, the son of a dear Machon Shilo activist and friend Yehoshua Socol, has fallen fighting the Amalekim. The funeral will take place at 13:00 in Karnei Shomron.

Mazal Tov!

Machon Shilo extend a ‘mazal tov’ to three families in our community: Chaim and Shifra Ginsberg on the birth of a baby girl, Josh and Chava Hall on the birth of a baby boy, Yerchmiel and Tirzta Wolfowicz on the birth of a baby girl. May we continue to share many joyous occasions.

Who is Responsible for the Current Catastrophe?

Author: Jonathan Pollard During wartime it’s critical for the media of a democracy to clearly identify those members of the government and military who were responsible- either directly or indirectly, for a disaster that occurred. This is important because these individuals and organizations must be held accountable and either punished or removed from their office or …

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Donations for those impacted by the war

MACHON SHILO WAR CAMPAIGN FOR ECONOMIC ASSISTANCE LED BY RABBI DAVID BAR-HAYIM Many families have already been impacted by the lockdown of the economy due to the war. These people need our help. Please give!! Please contribute at the following link: can also make the payment through a bank transfer to: Machon Mishkan Shilo, …

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Urgent donation request

Rabbi David Bar-Hayim requests that people make urgent donations to the organization Mesayaat Company 7020.The organization is supplying a combat unit with items of importance to carrying out their missions. The following is the bank information for transfers and paybox information for smaller donations. Bank HaPoalim (12)Branch: 448Account number: 133881Account name: MESAYAAT COMPANY 7020IBAN: IL23-0124-4800-0000-0133-881Swift …

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Fast recommended (27 Tishrei, 5784)

At this time of existential war, the Beth HaWa’ad of Machon Shilo recommends establishing tomorrow, Yom 5, 27 Tishrei, 5784 as a day of Fasting, Torah, and Tefillah. It is correct to fast from dawn and until sunset and to engage in much Torah and prayer, including the saying of Aneinu in the beracha “Shomea tefillah”

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