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T'philla and B'rakhoth

Questions and Answers about Nusach Eretz Israel

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1 Enunciating Words During T’phila and Other B'rakhoth harav 5764
2 Which Targum to Read? harav 3888
3 Car Accident – HaGomel? HaRav 2727
4 Birkath HaL’vana: When and Why harav 3666
5 A B’rakha on the Venus Transit? harav 2279
6 Al haNissim for Yom HaAssmauth and Yom Yerushalayim- על הניסים Webmaster 4898
7 Ma’ariv Before Nightfall Harav 3289
8 What Must I Daven in the Morning? HaRav 2328
9 Sidur Nusah Eress Yisrael –Davening in General –L’kha Dodhi – Shalom ‘Alekhem HaRav 7445
10 Wearing T’philin on Hol HaMo’edh Where Others Do Not Webmaster 1980
11 Reciting a B’rakha on the Sun and other Heavenly Bodies Webmaster 2488
12 Birkath Lishmor Huqaw (after removing T’philin) Webmaster 1608
13 Standing for a Mizmor or Alenu Webmaster 1804
14 Women Counting Omer — Forgetting to Count Webmaster 2314
15 Praying for Rain: in Eress Yisrael and in Galuth Webmaster 2812
16 What is the Halakhic source for Selikhot? Webmaster 2928
17 Al HaNissim for Yom HaAssmauth and Yom Y'rushalayim David S. 3010
18 P'suqe d'Zimrah - Obligation or Recommendation? David S. 3028
19 Birkath HaHamma David S. 7050
20 If I am asked to be a shaliach tzibbur should I daven nusach eretz yisrael? Webmaster 5820
21 Should I say tachanun during the month of Nissan? Rav Bar-Hayim 2716
22 If I am using nusach Ashkenaz is there a problem if I end the the last bracha of the shmoneh esre with the hatima? Webmaster 2559
23 May I use the nusach of birkath hashanim as it appears in nusach eretz yisrael if I am davening nusach Ashkenaz? Webmaster 2334
24 When should I say birkoth hashahar? Webmaster 3196
25 When is it appropriate to say מלביש ערומים in the morning? Harav 2219
26 When should I say the bracha "Eloha neshema"? Webmaster 2280
27 Which birkath hashachar do I say as I don my kippah (yarmulke) in the morning? Webmaster 2438
28 What authorizes a Rabbi to make a decision to use a nusah? Don't we need the Sanhedrin? Webmaster 2235
29 Which bracha of the birkoth hashachar do I say as I put on my pants in the morning? Webmaster 2012
30 What bracha does one say when putting on one's shoes in the morning? Webmaster 2009
31 Is pesukei d'zimra obligatory? Webmaster 2334
32 If I arrive late to shul and the shaliach tziibbur has already said "baruchu" should I say p'sukei d'zimra? Webmaster 2060
33 Should I say Birkoth HaShahar at home or in schul? Webmaster 1901
34 Must I say shir shel yom at the end of davening Shacharith? Webmaster 2130
35 If I am davening alone must I say "kel melech neeman before kriath shema? Webmaster 1920
36 May one answer in Hebrew-"Yehi Shmo Hagadol Mevorach LeOlam UleOlmei Olamim"? Webmaster 2299
37 Must I say Alaynu Leshabeach? Webmaster 2046
38 how do I wash my hands in preparation for birkath hakohanim? Webmaster 1904
39 How should I conduct myself during the chazarath hashatz of the shaliach tzibbur? Webmaster 1928
40 May I switch nuschei tefillah on a daily basis? Webmaster 1862
41 The B'rakha 'HaMekhin Missadhe Ghaver' Webmaster 2050
42 Is it obligatory to say the entire tachanun as printed in the siddur? Rav Bar-Hayim 2168
43 Does it matter if I daven Nusah Eress Yisrael or one of the more common nuschaot? Webmaster 1932
44 What are the minimum obligations of a woman regarding davening in the morning? Webmaster 1857
45 Must I say tachanun (nefillat apayim) during the period between Yom HaKippurim and Succot? Rav Bar-Hayim 2665
46 Should the person who gets an aliyah to the Torah also layn (read from the Torah)? harav 3088
47 Should a kohen avoid being chazan during a tefillah in which birkat hakohanim must be said? Webmaster 1691
48 Must a woman daven maariv? Webmaster 1831
49 If I am davening Shacharit with a minyan and I am in the middle of saying Ashrei before Uva Letziyon...? Webmaster 2203
50 Should I avoid talking after saying the birkat hashachar hameichin mitzadei gaver? Webmaster 1570
51 If I say Mincha with tefillin on and then when I take them off it is already after shekiah (sunset) should I still say the bracha? Webmaster 1640
52 What bracha do I say before I take off my tefillin for the last time on a given day? Webmaster 1644
53 If I say Mincha with tefillin on and then when I take them off it is already after shekiah (sunset) should I still say the bracha? Webmaster 1847
54 Netillath yadayim before davening Webmaster 1941
55 Should I say the bracha shehecheyanu upon new clothing? Webmaster 3850
56 What bracha do I make on cookies made out of 100% whole rye flour? Webmaster 1939
57 How many times must I pour water over each hand with a cup before eating bread or before Tefillah? Webmaster 2065
58 Must I wash my hands before Minha or Arvith? Webmaster 2108
59 Talking after saying Birkat Hashachar Webmaster 1810
60 Bracha to remove tefillin after sunset Webmaster 2027
61 Bracha for removal of Tefillin Webmaster 1944