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Eat vegetables and fear no creditors, rather than eat duck and hide

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General questions for Rav Bar-Hayim

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1 Hebrew Pronunciation Harav 4109
2 Fasting on 10th Av (Tish’a b’Av deferred) while in Flight harav 3226
3 Fasting on 10th Av (Tish’a b’Av deferred) while in Flight harav 2405
4 A Brief Guide to the Three Weeks and the Nine Days harav 2563
5 When Is P'lagh HaMinha harav 2149
6 Yom T'qumath Yisrael: When to say Hallel, Al HaNisim, Shehehiyanu & She'Asa Nisim Harav 1707
7 Truth, Authenticity, Tradition and Reason: Who Wrote the Zohar? Rav Bar-Hayim 9884
8 Shaving with an Electric Shaver HaRav 3533
9 A Brief Guide to the Three Weeks and the Nine Days harav 3403
10 Haircuts During the Three Weeks and Nine Days harav 6086
11 Tisha BeAv - Restrictions the week prior? Webmaster 5200
12 Vegetarianism? Harav 2607
13 Halakha: Truth or Convention? Harav 3097
14 Is There an Issur of Qol Isha Regarding Tora Reading? Harav 2152
15 Living Outside Israel – Living Outside the Community Harav 3490
16 Do I Need to Check My T’philin? Harav 2203
17 Can My Son Sing a Christmas Song? HaRav 2169
18 Democracy, Voting and the Media Revolution Rav Bar-Hayim 1880
19 The False Mashiah of Lubavitch-Habad Webmaster 6452
20 Shaving during Chol Hamoed days Webmaster 2508
21 Immersing a Glass Bowl in a Miqwe Webmaster 1998
22 Is Reincarnation a Jewish Belief? Webmaster 2161
23 Custom of saying LeDavid Hashem Ori Veyishi from Rosh Chodesh Ellul until Hoshana Rabba Webmaster 1627
24 האם יש ברכת 'נחם' המתאימה לזמננו? ואם כן איפה אפשר למצוא אותה Webmaster 1468
25 Laundry during the 9 Days Webmaster 5417
26 What is the Status of 10th Av: May One Eat Meat? Webmaster 3339
27 N'ttilath Yadhayim (Ritual Hand Washing) David S. 5387
28 Voting in Israel? Webmaster 5168
29 Must I wash with a cup in the morning before saying birkoth hashchar? Webmaster 2089
30 I am writing a diary which will be seen by others. May it contain lashon hara against a relative of mine? Webmaster 1766
31 How Much is a K'zayit of Bread? harav 3377
32 Are there any halachic considerations that should be considered when I change my last name? Webmaster 1961
33 What is the halacha concerning joining and participating with non-Jewish courts? Webmaster 1934
34 Can I neuter my dog? Webmaster 2655
35 May one use an electric razor? Webmaster 2073
36 Isn't Machon Shilo treading potentially dangerous territory by promoting new minhagim\customs? Webmaster 2274
37 Must a Kohen take a haircut at least once every 30 days? Webmaster 2007
38 Should I leave Israel to go to Uman on Rosh HaShana? Webmaster 2061
39 If it is uncomfortably hot in the sukkah am I exempt from the mitzvah? Webmaster 3303
40 When do I say the bracha leisheiv basuukah Webmaster 1951
41 Is Megillat Antiochus historically accurate? Webmaster 1906