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And what avails it that science has come to treat space and time as simply forms of thought, and the material world as hypothetical, and withal our pretension of property and even of self-hood are fading with the rest, if, at last, even our thoughts are not finalities, but the incessant flowing and ascension reach these also, and each thought which yesterday was a finality, to-day is yielding to a larger generalization?

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Articles on celebrating the Hagim, from the perspective of Nusach Eretz Yisrael and the Talmud Yerushalmi.



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1 Lulav: Waving Goodbye to Galuth Judaism קקר 1784
2 Must One Sleep in the Sukkah? What About Habad Not Doing So? קקר 1980
3 When and How Often To Say LeShev BaSukkah? קקר 1707
4 Rabbi David Bar-Hayim in the News about One Day Rosh HaShanah In Israel eer 1981
5 Judaism: No to Uman eer 1765
6 Video : Rosh HaShanah-One Day or Two? eer 1940
7 Rosh HaShannah & Yom HaKippurim: How Long Should Davening Be? קקר 1552
8 Don't Go To Uman eer 1520
9 Is Saying Selichoth Obligatory? eer 1860
10 Rosh HaShana in Israel: One Day or Two? harav 1915
11 L'Dawid HASHEM Ori w'Yish'i: Quantity or Quality? eer 1740
12 Showering During the Nine Days: Why You Can (and Should) kko 1968
13 Can One Eat Chicken During the 9 Days? HaRav 2201
14 Rabbi David Bar-Hayim In The News On Kitniyot bhk 1986
15 Kitniyot-When to Jettison a Minhag web 2600
16 Daring to Innovate: the Forgotten Story of Purim harav 1830
17 Don't Get Drunk On Purim HaRav 1574
18 Do Frum Jews Celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut? Office of Machon Shilo 2950
19 Pesah Articles and Shiurim פסק הלכה Webmaster 3997
20 Are we bound to Ashkenazi custom concerning Kitniyot? Webmaster 8975
21 Qitniyoth - a Qaraite Custom? David S. 4555
22 Hewing Tablets: Shavuoth & The Geulah Yehudah B. Ilan 2741
23 Soft Massa: It’s the Real Thing Harav 4098
24 Until You Don't Know HaRav Navon 3149
25 Hanuka - Getting the Point HaRav 1987
26 The Mitzvah of Lulav on Shabbat – Getting back on track 2009 Webmaster 2957
27 Nusach for Yom Kippurim - Eretz Israel Webmaster 3888
28 A Shophar does not Equal a Lulav Webmaster 1982
29 Shophar on Shabbath? Not yet….. Webmaster 8852
30 Rosh Hashana – a holiday in transition- Ynet Article Webmaster 4733
31 קטניות מן התורה מנין? David S. 3256
32 The Mitzvah of Lulav on Shabbat Webmaster 2081
33 הלכות חנוכה Webmaster 2631
34 Easy Hamantashen Recipe Webmaster 5296
35 The Real Story of Qitniyoth (kitniyot) Webmaster 2540
36 Qitniyoth to Korban Pesah - Source Sheet Webmaster 2486
37 Is Qorban Pesah Feasible? - Source Sheet Webmaster 2164
38 Psak Halakha on Qitniyoth (kitniyot) Webmaster 2246
39 The Meaning and Essence of Hannukah- In Hebrew 5769-2008 Webmaster 2722
40 Hannukah - HaTzofe Reprint 5767-2006 in Hebrew Webmaster 2503
41 Purim as a Paradigm Webmaster 3121
42 Hannukah-Why Celebrate-MTaanith in Hebrew Webmaster 2331