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Articles on Philosophy by Rav Davidh Bar Hayim



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1 Rebbe Nahman of Breslev: an Honest Appraisal HaRav Mikha Lindenberg 3368
2 Factionalism regarding the choosing of new Chief Rabbis Rav Bar-Hayim 1781
3 A Brief Letter Regarding Breslev Hasiduth harav 5474
4 Women of the Wall and Tephilin: Disparaging Women and Halakhic Agendas Rav Bar-Hayim 1900
5 The Women of the Wall: Is There a Problem? Torah Nation TV 3092
6 What lessons can be derived from the recent bombings in Boston? Office of Machon Shilo 2199
7 HaRav Elyashiv z'l and the Haredi Mind — Part 01 harav 11671
8 Towards a New Jewish Spirituality HaRav Mikha Lindenberg 2527
9 To Whom Qabala May Concern — The Authenticity of the Zohar –Update 02 Webmaster 3795
10 Response to a reader regarding Qabala and the Zohar Rav Bar-Hayim 4050
11 Did R. Shimon Ben Yohai Write the Zohar? Webmaster 5468
12 "Are We In Galuth?-The Approach of HaRav David Bar-Hayim To Geulah" Yair HaKohen 2444