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Wheat Intolerance & Matzah: A Kezayit = the size of an olive (3 cc) PDF Print E-mail
Written by bhk   
Tuesday, 01 April 2014 22:24

Some dread  the Passover Seder because wheat intolerance causes discomfort and even illness. Others simply dread having to chew and swallow impossible amounts of matzah with stopwatch at the ready. Are you wondering if something has not got lost in the translation? 

A k'zayit of matzah is not the volume of an egg but much, MUCH smaller.

Hear Rabbi David Bar-Hayim explain why a k'zayit is in fact - believe it or not - the size of an average Eretz Yisrael olive, i.e. 3cc (and not 60cc or 27 cc) :


 In English:







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