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A Message to Friends of Machon Shilo PDF Print E-mail
Written by Binyamin HaKohen   
Friday, 11 May 2012 00:00


Dear friend of Machon Shilo,

As many of you are aware Machon Shilo is a special organization which
advances a message and a halakhic approach which are vital to am
yisrael. As a result of HaRav David Bar-Hayim's devotion to spreading
our message, and  as a result of the work of devoted activists in the
Machon Shilo organization, Baruch HASHEM we have become a known
quantity. One example of this is the halakhic ruling by Machon Shilo's
beth din allowing for the consumption of kitniyoth on hag hamassoth by
all residents of Israel which continues to make waves several years
after the fact.


One recent fruit of our labours was the successful pre-Pesach Torath
Eress Yisrael conference in Jerusalem which enabled us to synergize
with other like-minded Jews and promote our ideas. The outline of the
various lectures are available here on the Machon Shilo  website.


The ability of Machon Shilo to advance our goals is dependent upon
financial support and we turn to you in the hope that you will make a
monthly donation towards Machon Shilo in the form of a monthly
standing order (horaat qeva), or alternatively by giving generously
via the paypal button which is on the right hand side of the home
page. (The standing order is only relevant for residents of Israel.)
Through the paypal button on the site you can choose to set up
automatic donations on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis as a standing order.
It can be canceled at any time through your paypal account.
We know that so many of you recognize the importance of what we do and
we need you to translate your enthusiasm into a willingness to give of
yourself for the sake of am yisrael.


So many Jews are in dire need of our message. It is tragic to think
that without the proper resources we will not be able to reach out to
Jews who otherwise will assume that there is only one brand of
Judaism, the galuth variety, and as a result  "abandon ship." And how
exactly will we ever get to the stage of having a Miqdash and
Sanhedrin without advancing the halakhic paradigm which Machon Shilo


Am yisrael needs us perhaps even more than we can imagine!


Many of you are in contact with HaRav Bar-Hayim and appreciate his
accessibility for halakhic and hashqafic questions. You can imagine
how busy a schedule the Rav has not only addressing questions from
talmidhim but in devoting time, energy, and resources to Machon Shilo.
What better way to express your appreciation to the Rav for always
"being there" than to sign on to the attached standing order form or
by giving via PayPal.


Please give and give generously. And if what you can afford is only a
small or very small amount, then don't be bashful! All amounts large
or small will be greatly appreciated. (Regarding the attached standing
order form one needs to fill out the relevant details and bring the
form to your bank.)


B'Ahavath Yisrael,


Binyamin HaKohen


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